dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

New blog online!

Hello people!

As you can see I have launched a new blog. Why is this? You might ask, well for a long time I have been working at the beginnings of my "Big Project". Everybody has a Big Project and so do I. When first starting with 1:72 figures, I intended to display part of the Battle of Waterloo in plastic. Over the years it became apparent to me that I was not alone in this and since I wanted to do something that was not being done by others already, I went on a search for a different battle to display.

My extensive reading and love for all things Wellingtonian soon brought me upon the battle of Salamanca in 1812. This was arguably one of the Iron Duke's greatest victories and after reading Rory Muirs excellent book Salamanca !812 I just knew I had to "do" this battle for my project.

At this point I got stuck as to what part of the battle and in what scale (well 1:72 obviously but I mean in which figure ratio) was I going to build it?
My Dad came to the rescue and together we calculated that it would suite me best to do the attack of the Fighting 3rd Division, led by Pakenham, in a ratio of 1:5. Pretty fast it became our joint project, my Dad has been helping on and off ever since; thanks heaps Dad ;-)
Over the next years  we did a lot of fine-tuning and some figures were obtained as well, no actual building or painting has taken place though. Last year has seen several developments that put things in motion.

First is the fact that HäT, my all-time favourite company, has been producing Peninsular Brits, new 1805-1812 French light and regular infantry and has Britisch Cavalry in the pipeline.

Second is that a good friend has offered to help me build the base-plates (landscape) of the battle, a discipline in which I am rather bad.

Last but not least  is the fact that an uncle of mine has just finished my custom made gaming/ diorama table. The table has been fine-tuned to received the 9 modules of 50x50cms each which will eventually form the landscape. The modules can be put on show in the table or put away safely in cassettes after which I can use the table for gaming.Pictures will follow soon.

Well this is it for now, I will try to update this blog as well as the regular one, but progress on this one will be far more irregular I fear.

Even so keep watching this space ;-)

Cheers Sander

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