vrijdag 19 april 2013



A while ago I've posted pictures of the 60th Rifles skirmishers that will be forming the light infantry screen in front of my Allied 3rd brigade advancing on Thomieres division. Last week I managed to paint some more figures which will represent the 12th Portuguese Cazadores to accompany the 60th Light Bobs.

The brown uniform colour turned out a bit too bright, but I reckoned that since they had been in the field in summer for quite some time, their uniforms would have faded a lot by now. Another realisation dawned: I need to paint about 3000 figures for this dio; the level of painting detail has to come down a bit to enable me to do this within my lifetime.Seeing this, these figures are not my best work ever yet not my worst by far.

So another small step towards the end goal!

Cheers Sander

maandag 25 maart 2013

83rd Regiment of Foot


This time I am not even going to apologise for the long absence of posts here on this blog. I knew from the start that this project was going to be one for the long run. Most of my hobby-stuff ends up on the other blog, so for regular updates you should look over here.

That said work has not altogether been reduced to nil over here. In a recent bulk shipment I acquired a lot of British Peninsular Command sets from HäT and have been able to put together the set up for one of my Salamanca regiments.

The 83rd of Foot was amongst the second line brigade advancing upon Thomieres division with Pakenham's Fighting 3rd Division, well actually it was Picton's division but he was sick at the time of the battle. In my calculations the regiment (actual strength on the day was 319) should amount to 70 odd troops so I put these together on the table to see how it looked and well it looks like this:

Now a few things are not totally historically accurate, the formation is a bit off for the regulations of the day. The officers and nco's I've put behind the line should actually be interspersed amongst the ranks in between each company. The musicians should be put behind the line but I found it visually more attractive to put them together with the pioneers behind the mounted officers. But to limit the frontage of the regiment I have chosen to put them behind. In this regiment the companies are all about 8 man strong, as figures of the regiments involved varied greatly, form the huge 2 battalion 5th Regiment of Foot, counting 1210 actives on the day, up to the 3 companies of the 60th Rifles amounting 254 troops. It would be nicest if I would be able to adhere to the figures I have counted out but I guess I will be settling for less...

Cheers Sander