vrijdag 22 juli 2016

Salamanca day again...

Hoi There,

Another year without much progress...or so it seems! For the last few years I have been much in doubt whether I would be able to finish this project due to a lack of decent early French infantry figures. None of the available French sets offered enough decent figures in marching poses compatible with the HäT British.
Now this dirth of good sets seems to have come to an end, HäT have released testshots for both pre- and post-Bardin regulation figures including flank companies in greatcoat and a pre 1812 command set. Pictures of all these testshots are shown below.

Now when these Frenchies are released in earnest, I will buy a load and get planning and painting in a more serious way. So for now, yet again, you will have to be content with just a small peak at a possible future although the sun is shining more brightly on this little horizon at least. In the real world it is a bit more grimm...

Cheers Sander