zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

First WIP pictures!

As predicted progress on this project is rather slow. I wish it would be otherwise... Experience gained over the recent years has taught me that you'd best start new projects after finishing the ones on the workbench. Still some small odds and ends will clutter your desk and so it is with mine. Currently I am finishing a wargames unit of Napoleonic Highlanders from Art-Miniaturen but I have also prepared the first figures to be painted for my Salamanca Project. These are some 50 troopers of the 60th Rifles. About 4 to 5 companies of this regiment were seconded to the 3rd Division to enhance it's skirmish line. The chaps will be paired up and put in front of the firing line together with some cacadores (when or rather if I get mini's for those) and the light companies of Wallace's brigade.
The first picture shows how I prepped the larger part of the 50 men: on thin wire without their bases as I will be pinning them to the modular landscape tiles eventually.

An attempt to a close up ;-)

The figures are of course Revells excellent set of 95th Rifles I really dislike the last set of the same regiment done by Italeri due to the fact they are far too large but also because some of the poses which are downright silly and the dis-proportion of some of the rifles compared to the soldiers handling them. Gladly I have an adequate supply of Revell's chaps :-)

Cheers Sander

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