woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Custom Gaming table!

Hoi All!

Today's update brings you some pictures of my custom-made gaming table. It features shelves to store rulebooks and drawers for dice and other accessories and two cupboards for my terrain. I got the idea from this blog:                 http://lordashramshouseofwar.blogspot.com/ 

An uncle of mine is a pensioned furniture-maker (antiquary) and made this entirely by hand according to my wishes. The tabletop measures 151 x 151 cm on the inside in order to receive my 150 x 150 Salamanca diorama when finished. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Cheers Sander

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  1. Wonderbar! I always wished my grandfather had more children, and perhaps some of them could be furniture makers, or cooks, or bankers...