vrijdag 19 april 2013



A while ago I've posted pictures of the 60th Rifles skirmishers that will be forming the light infantry screen in front of my Allied 3rd brigade advancing on Thomieres division. Last week I managed to paint some more figures which will represent the 12th Portuguese Cazadores to accompany the 60th Light Bobs.

The brown uniform colour turned out a bit too bright, but I reckoned that since they had been in the field in summer for quite some time, their uniforms would have faded a lot by now. Another realisation dawned: I need to paint about 3000 figures for this dio; the level of painting detail has to come down a bit to enable me to do this within my lifetime.Seeing this, these figures are not my best work ever yet not my worst by far.

So another small step towards the end goal!

Cheers Sander

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Those Cazadores are really nice, love the poses!

  2. Hoi Phil,

    Thanks, the figures are actually Revell's 95th Rifles:

  3. Very nice - If you still want a darker look, you could add a little dark brown shading in the folds and creases of the uniform; which should give it a darker appearance overall. Otherwise, it looks fine as is. Best, Dean

  4. Looking good, best of luck with then 3000!