zondag 4 maart 2012

Doing the numbers...


A while ago I laid out the modules in my table again, and just to try out how it looked I took some HäT Peninsular British and set them on the board where they will end up in time for real. This made me realise that I have made a startling mistake in the first place: my ground-scale and figure-ratio are not compatible! I had planned the first British brigade to have regiments of about 250 figures each, after putting figures on the board this showed that I can have regiments of about 40 figures instead!

This means I will have to do the numbers all over again. But on the bright side is the notion that I will be able to finish earlier since I have to do less figures.

Cheers Sander

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  1. Hoi Sander,

    good to read that you always find the bright side of things:-))

    How big is this plate in size?


  2. hoi Uwe, the table is 1,5 metre x 1,5 metre each module therefore is 50cm x 50cm

  3. What was your your planned terrain scale?

  4. well, I am ashamed to say so, but I didn't actually have one... I had a figure ratio of 1 : 5 and the terrain Hans and I did more or less on sights. Yeah I know hardly scientific but I think it works out fine in the end.

  5. Hi Sander

    Note you've commented on my blog from time to time, now I've (finally) commented on yours! I did have some questions about your modular diorama table and terrain boards - but you answered them in above comments! It looks fantastic and well made - I love the Ikea-like modular approach to these things, only wish I had the time to build one myself. I think the final result will look fantastic too - keep posting your progress!


  6. Hoi Doc,

    No worries mate! I just had all the luck in the world in sensei Hans being willing to make my modules. As we speak one of those has been provided with some paste and awaits sanding. I do suppose you're aware of my more current and alive blog on: http://modusregmagnimomenti.blogspot.com/

    cheers Sander

  7. Hi,
    I wish we'll see the diorama progression on your blog soon!
    Good start!