maandag 7 maart 2011

diorama base here we come!


Since updates on this blog don't pop up too often I'd like to bring you a bombshell each time they do! So here are some pictures of the modular plates the diorama will consist of.

First up a birds' view of the lot:

Next a side shot with some 1:72 figures for scale reference

Then a picture with the plates and the travelling casettes to the right:

And last a picture of the modules in their casettes.

All the work has been done by Hans of waterama fame who has done them exactly after my "instructions" the final details I'll have to do myself and then the great "placing of figures will start!"

Hans you're the best!

Cheers Sander

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I didn´t know Hans had a web site...he´s kept that one quiet.
    The terrain is looking good already.

  2. That is a well thought out base, excellent!

  3. @Matt: thanks mate we've put a lot of time into it!

    @Paul: It's more like Hans's online photo-album, but boy is it worth visiting